Coaches & Club Directors;

We wanted to make you aware of changes in State Cup sanctioned leagues for the upcoming 2016/2017 seasonal year so that you can make informed decisions for your teams. Beginning with the fall 2016 season both Heartland Soccer and GSI that are sanctioned by Kansas Youth Soccer will no longer be accepted as a qualifying league for the Missouri State Cup competition.

FAQ’s concerning this decision:

Q: Who made this decision? A: The directors of the clubs located in the MYSA Western District voted in favor of this decision on two separate occasions and the MYSA Board accepted their decision to move forward.

Q: Why is this decision being made? A: As Kansas Youth sanctioned leagues, Missouri has no ability to govern or oversee these leagues and has no influence over rules, standards of play or the structure of the organizations. These leagues are also the only leagues that are outside of our state and our association that are sanctioned as State Cup qualifying leagues.

Q: Does this mean we cannot play in Heartland or GSI? A: You are welcome to play in either or both leagues and this is in no way a slight or criticism of the leagues, it simply means that you will need to also play in a state sanctioned league should you choose to play in Missouri State Cup.

Q: What leagues are sanctioned as State Cup Qualifying leagues ? A: The following leagues are currently sanctioned as qualifying leagues:

Midwest Regional League (Region II) –

Missouri SCQ League (Kansas City, MO) –

Mid-Missouri Premier League (Columbia, MO) –

Lake Country Soccer (Springfield, MO) –

St. Louis Youth Soccer (St. Louis, MO) –

St. Charles Youth Soccer (St. Charles, MO) –

Q: Does this affect any teams other than those wishing to play in the Missouri State Cup? A: This only applies to those teams wishing to play in Missouri State Cup, no other teams are affected by this decision.

Thank you and good luck to all teams this summer.

Missouri Youth Soccer